15 Binge-Worthy Netflix Series To Watch During Self-Isolation

15 Binge-Worthy Netflix Series To Watch During Self-Isolation

As the stay-at-home order extends to May 15 in NYC, we have to practice social-distancing for at least another month  and find ways to entertain ourselves. There are plenty of ways to fill your dime during self-isolation: writing, reading, drawing, watching series, etc. However, Netflix has such a gigantic catalogue of binge-worthy shows to watch during self-isolation, that it may be a bit overwhelming and difficult to pick one! Worry not, I am here to help with a list of binge-worthy Netflix series to watch during self-isolation! There are fifteen of them, I watch them (or almost) and they are really worth it!

Binge-Worthy Netflix Series To Watch During Self-Isolation

1. Gossip Girl

The first of those binge-worthy Netflix series is the most iconic of all. Gossip Girl. I watched the show for the first time when I was fresh out of high school and finished it as I graduated from my undergrads. Gossip Girl has six seasons in total and guess what… a reboot by HBO Max is in the work! More Gossip Girl, yeah! In total, that’s 121 episodes to binge-watch and to get a feel of the Upper East Side. Dramatic loves stories, eccentric fashion and Couture, gossips, a bit of bullying too and an odd take on friendship but it’s like a candy. It’s easy to watch and is of course all available on Netflix!

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2. Hart of Dixie

I have just started to rewatch Hart of Dixie and I am having a blast. Sure, sometimes actors overplay it all and you’ll get your share of cringe and awkwardness, but it’s very fun to watch. It tells the story of a city surgeon landing in Bluebell, Alabama, to become their town GP. It will look cliché at first and will infuriate you in many ways, but as the series goes on, the characters grow in the most interesting ways! Rivalries become strong friendships. Suspicions and despise change to understanding and affection. There are four series to binge-watch on Netflix, which makes for 76 episodes!

3. Once Upon A Time

As a huge Disney fan and someone who is very annoyed at how passive the princesses often are, I was thrilled to learn about a TV show that incorporates all those fairytales while giving them a complete new interpretation. That interpretation shows you princesses which are not damsels in distress nor just bound to mariage. No. And that’s what makes Once Upon A Time one of the most binge-worthy Netflix series there is! Snow White happens to fall asleep but she is a warrior. No princess waits to be saved by her prince. But what I loved most was the redemption arc about the Evil Queen, which in the end, was extremely unlucky and made bad decisions. Let’s ignore season 7 which was pretty bad to focus on the first six seasons which rocked. That’s over 130 episodes to watch!

4. Big Mouth

Big Mouth is an adult cartoon in the likes of BoJack Horseman or Rick & Morty… although from a completely different genre since it focuses on teenagers going through puberty. Each teenager will be assigned a Hormone Monster or Monstress guiding them on the tough path that is growing up, teenage-hood and puberty. Sometimes you do wonder if thirteen years old kids would actually speak like that but you quickly sweep that thought away because this show is hilarious! It has three seasons for now, the fourth season is coming out in September, which are 31 episodes and really, give it a go, you will like it. 

5. The Office (US)

The Office has a cringe factor that will make you grit your teeth, raise your eyes to the sky, wonder why you are watching and sometimes even skip some scenes… When it is just too cringe. But overall, it is a great show to watch and a great reflection of what life can be in a small town of Pennsylvania. Some of those characters are huge clichés that are brilliantly deconstructed to improve and grow. Dwight will annoy you many times but at the same time, you will not, not love him. I find him quite funny. Even Michael, who is the worst, and is the one who will make you skip some scenes (if you’ve already watch it that is), will sort of win you over. Nine seasons and 201 episodes that will keep you entertained, I can guarantee! A binge-worthy Netflix series that will make you laugh for sure.

6. The Good Place

I am gonna be honest right there. I did not watch the end of The Good Place. It was available on the Netflix UK when I lived in London and but not on the Netflix US when I moved to NYC. Now it is though. But that was enough for me to not carry on watching… Also I do not remember much so I would have to start it all over again… which frankly comes with a great timing since we are all home-bound and have time to binge-watch Netflix series. But, when I watch it I thought it was funny, witty and brilliant. It has four seasons and the show is actually completed. 53 episodes for you to watch back to back, in bed most likely, at the weekend, or why not, even on weekdays!

7. Lucifer

If you are looking for a DC characters that is not your usual super muscular tough guy in the likes of Arrow and such, well this is one binge-worthy Netflix series to watch! Beyond the super sexy English accent, and rather pleasant-to-look at main character, this show is super enjoyable! Sure, sure, the investigations are not always super developed but the blooming friendship is great to follow. Plus Trixie is hilarious. And the secondary characters are also super interesting, all in shades of grey. Right isn’t always right, and bad people are not intrinsically bad. It’s has four season for now but I believed Netflix signed for a 5th one!

8. Criminal Minds

I remember the first time I watch Criminal Minds. I still lived in France, at my parents house, and was in high school. The show broadcast each Wednesday (or Thursday) on the first channel and for once, the French voices were not that terrible. They could have been better, but compared to other shows, they were okay. Sure, some of the characters were a bit eccentric but I actually really enjoyed that the kick-ass super smart analyst was a women who did not care about anything people might think of her. That was refreshing, especially as you go through puberty and your confidence as at an all time low. Anyways… The first episodes seemed pretty independent from each other while, as the show went on, each season seemed dedicated to a broader secondary plot line tiding all episodes together. Fifteen seasons and 319 episodes to binge-watch. Criminal minds will keep you busy!

9. The Crown

There was so much hype around The Crown that I could not, not watch it. It took me some time to get to it, not gonna lie. BUT, once I started, I could not stop! I had to watch more of those episodes. I almost watch all three series back-to-back, last November, which is why I barely read any books back then. This shows is one of the most binge-worthy Netflix series. It is addictive. You’ve got the British accent, the Queen’s English (of course), Buckingham Palace (yeah duh!), gorgeous furnitures, fashion from back in the day, amazing actors and so on. The list could go on but let’s stop there for now. Each episode is almost an hour long but you won’t see it go. Yes, it is that good! There are 30 episodes now since only three seasons are out and I can’t wait for season 4.

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10. Reign

Let’s stay with British royalty for a bit longer. However, not in England but in Scotland… although she spent most of her life in France. Reign is a romantic empowering depiction of the life of Mary Queen of Scots when she joined the French Court as kid for her protection up to when she died in Scotland. This show has everything you need: strong and powerful women, political intrigue, scheming and plotting, heartbreaking romances, amazing relationships. I did not know what to expect from the show when I watched it but it really surprised me in a good way. Some twist here and there to manipulate the viewer, make them believe the story was going one direction while it turns out we were all wrong from the beginning. I absolutely loved it! The show is over with four seasons and 78 episodes to binge-watch.

11. Madam Secretary

If you are tired of seeing that blonde idiot saying non sens on camera every day and bragging about his good ratings while doing absolutely nothing, then this might be a show for you. How refreshing would it be to see a smart, savvy, bold woman as the US Secretary of State, surrounded by other women, and nailing her job, despite all the obstacles on her path? Madam Secretary is such an amazing show! I started to watch a few years ago when it was not yet available on Netflix and it was addictive. This series is the most binge-worthy Netflix series of all! Seriously. And how refreshing was it to see a mariage where the woman is more powerful that the man and where he does not resent her for that, is supportive, always there for her? You’ve got six seasons and 120 to binge-watch!

12. She-Ra & The Princesses of Power

This She-Ra Netflix series is a reboot of an old series produced in the 80s in a more anime style. Sure, each season is quite short and so are each episodes, but they are so so good! It has four seasons and 39 episodes so it will not take you much time to get through it. You will watch it like you drink an Aperol Spritz. Fast while savoring it. The show has received critical acclaimed and to be honest, it so deserves it! After all, it is not that often that a show has both good representation and diversity, does not fall into any clichés, and has a lot of interesting female characters. I can’t wait for season 5, which will be its last.

13. The Dragon Prince

Another binge-worthy Netflix series that is also a cartoon with amazing characters, diversity and representation. Plus, there are dragons. That alone should make you watch it. Because it is so worth it! Literally! I am always anxiously waiting for the next season! That’s how good it is! There are three seasons available for now, which makes for 39 episodes that again, you will want to watch back to back. It tells the story of a quest to bring a baby dragon back to its mother, encourage peace between the elves and humans and ensure wars does not break again. The show has great characters with amazing developments: no one is bad, it’s all grey, you can change your mind and change side, what matters is not what you did but what you will do. So good!

14. Elite

If you loved Gossip Girl, you will love Elite as well! The premise are fairly similar although a bit more extreme in some ways… Three bursary students are sent to an elite school and have to mingle with the local crowd of rich kids who, of course, will despise them. That’s the premise. And then, there is a murder. But we do not know who the victim is at first. Each episode always starts and finishes with a flashback to give us more hints on the murder. Sure, there are a lot of clichés but it was so good to see each character grow and develop, leave behind their prejudices, become more open-minded, etc. The series goes on for three seasons, for now, and has 24 episodes which you will watch like you eat candy.

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15. Continuum

And finally, last but not least of all those binge-worthy Netflix series that will entertain you during self-isolation, is Continuum. You might not have heard of it. To be honest, had I not seen it on Netflix recommended to me, I would have never ever found out about it. And what a shame it would have been! Because this show is absolutely amazing, mind-boggling and so so fascinating! The shows follows a police officer sent to the past after a group of terrorist which wishes to prevent the corporation replacing the government in the future from ever existing. Of course, she will have to do it all without anyone realizing that they are from the future. However, as she is sent to the past, her future changes and she might get back to a complete different home. Four seasons and 49 episodes to binge-watch during self-isolation!

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15 Binge-Worthy Netflix Series To Watch During Self-Isolation

That’s it for those fifteen binge-worthy Netflix series to watch during self-isolation and keep you entertained as you practice social-distancing. Have you watch any of those shows? Did you like them? Do you have any other show to recommend us?

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  1. April 19, 2020 / 4:07 pm

    I love Big Mouth, The Crown and Elite! Iā€™m rewatching That 70s Show at the moment šŸ™‚

    Sarah x

    • whatcorinnedid
      April 19, 2020 / 5:33 pm

      I never watched That 70s show! i should give it a try!

  2. April 22, 2020 / 10:41 am

    I love Elite so much! I dedicate the entire day that new seasons come out to binge I’m that obsessed! You should check out Money Heist as well it’s incredible binge-worthy! This also reminded me that I still have to finish Oce Upon a Time

    • whatcorinnedid
      April 22, 2020 / 12:47 pm

      i’ll have to check Money Heist out then! šŸ™‚

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